Dr. Yugraj Singh Yadava

18 March 1953 to 30 July 2023

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation family shares the grief and the sense of great loss at the sad passing away of Dr. Yugraj Singh Yadava former Director of BOBP-IGO.

It is with a heavy heart and deep sense of sorrow that all members and associates of the Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF) join in grieving the sad passing away of Dr. Yugraj Singh Yadava. He breathed his last breath at 5:15 am today, July 30, 2023 in India.

He was the Fisheries Development Commissioner to the Government of India (June1994-April 2000) and Member Secretary of the Aquaculture Authority/Costal Aquaculture Authority. He played a pivotal role in the development of sustainable shrimp farming and value chain development in India by providing the required technical and business management expertise.

Through Bilateral assistance from the Government of France, he facilitated setting up of a modern seabass hatchery and grow out units at the Farm of the Central Institute of Brackish-water Aquaculture in Chennai in late ‘90s. The technology is now available to private sector in the country for producing seabass.

As member of the Developing World Advisor Group (DWAG) of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) from 2008-2013, he was involved in the work of the DWAG in providing guidance for assessment of small-scale and data-deficient fisheries, small-scale fishery market analysis and outreach and awareness building activities.

During this tenure with the Government of India, he helped the sector in strengthening the fishing harbor infrastructure in the country and improving the seafood supply chains. As a member of the Board of the Marine Products Exports Development Authority (June 1994-April 2000), he provided the necessary support to the Authority in the promotion of seafood exports from India.

His work at the BOBP-IGP contributed to preparation of sectoral plans, guidelines and prototypes for improving safety at sea, better understanding and implementation of various provision of Monitoring, Control and Surveillance and curbing of illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing and a range of other first-time activities for member countries.

Dr. Yadava was a visionary and remarkable leader, with enormous professional contributions. He was the Director, BOBP IGO (2000-2021) before his retirement.

Dr. Yadava had close working relationship with the member countries of BOBP-IGO and in that capacity, he closely worked the Government of Bangladesh and key stakeholders in the fisheries and aquaculture sector here. He also closely worked with the BSFF and contributed significantly to its work as a member of its Advisory Board, the post that he held till his sad passing away. He also helped and advised the Department of Fisheries of Bangladesh and BSFF in implementing specific component of join development initiatives to facilitate accelerated development of coastal fisheries and aquaculture sector of Bangladesh.

The legacy of great public service, professional excellence, dedicated leadership and great contribution to his profession will be deeply remembered by all his friends, colleagues and workers for common cause. I, as the Chairman, and all the members of the BSFF will always cherish his memories as we continue to share the great pain and utter sense of and irreparable loss with his dear wife, two daughters and dear and near ones.

Syed Mahmudul Huq


Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation