Our Areas of Interest

The shrimp and fish industry in Bangladesh is one of the most important economic sector in Bangladesh. Total production of shrimp has been achieved 10,000 M. Tons in the year 2014-2015 and the fisheries sector employs  over 1.2 millions of people including fishermen, shrimp and fish farmer. It has traditionally been an important sector contributing to the country’s export earnings. In 2015 export from the shrimp sector was USD 565.61. GDP contribute of the sector was also important.

Notwithstanding, the importance of the sector, its activities at the growers, tertiary and final processing/ marketing level are yet to realize the full potentials. The sector continues to face many problems, suffers from formidable supply side constraints, social and environmental risks. Bangladesh has so far realized only a fraction of its production potential in the sector. The sector needs to upgrade its performance and also to respond to global norms, standards and emerging concerns concerning food safety, environmental sustainability and social issues. The prospect of sustainable increase in export earnings from shrimp and other fisheries products and the associated social and economic development there are important scope for future growth oriental initiative in the sector. The sector is presently, fragmented and is not adequately organized to meet the requirements as situations demand. Policy initiatives and concrete actions can thus be taken to overcome them. Compliance with growing body of Codes of Conduct is also needed. This will call for qualitative improvements at all levels of production with a greater understanding and dialogue on, among others, health and phytosanitary matters as well as environmental and social aspects. BSFF is working in all these areas. An area of major interest of BSFF is to facilitate introduction of Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP), safe seed and feed as well as Better Management Practices (BMP). Effectively introducing Codes of Conducts in all segments of the value chain in the sector is another BSFF priority. So the objective to improve the quality of the final product from the sector. Ensuring compliance with the environmental and social performance of the industry is also an important area of interest and targeted activities of BSFF. Recent efforts to assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of the shrimp industry have greatly improved. The work in this sector is however still taking place without adequate coordination. BSFF is trying to overcome some of these problems. The fisheries sector in Bangladesh is dynamic and has enormous potential. Promoting cooperation among all stakeholders from both public and private sectors as well as interested development partners is undoubtedly important. BSFF is trying to promote such cooperation. BSFF is committed to promote comprehensive and purposeful cooperation which can make positive change in the sector a reality.

The on going and planned initiatives of Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF) include its continuing effort to act as a useful as a focal point and interface among the government, private sector stakeholders and other institutions on research and education promoting dialogue and playing a vital role on sector friendly advocacy to overcome the challenges facing the shrimp and fisheries sector in Bangladesh. The Foundation provides an effective institutional arrangement to internalize and capitalize on specific project outputs being implemented or planned to benefit the sector making a lasting contribution to sustainable growth and development of the shrimp and fisheries sector in Bangladesh.