Our Mission

BSFF has a mission especially scripted to facilitate realization of its broad objective of promoting growth and development of the fisheries sector and shrimp industries in Bangladesh which is supportive of inclusive growth, income and employment generation, trade and compliance with relevant international norms, standards and social, economical and environmental sustainability imperatives.

How do we work in conformity with our mission?


  • Work closely with industry associations and Government of Bangladesh
  • Facilitate cooperation among various stakeholder groups, e.g., hatchery, nursery, grow out farm, feed mill, ice plant, field depot or service centre and processing plant operators, government, non-government and donor organizations to reach sound consensus
  • Help establish good harmony and coordination throughout the whole chain of the industry
  • Develop a database and a central information repository
  • Conduct technical, social, and environmental and market research and studies
  • Provide technical assistance, arrange training of trainers, training fisherman on Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) for fish/ shrimp farms, Good Fishing Vessels Practices (GFvP) for industrial trawlers and HACCP for processing plants
  • Implement projects specific to the sector focused on growth, development, poverty alleviation of target groups, compliance with international rules and standards and environmental sustainability
  • Play a policy advocacy role