About BSFF

Bangladesh Shrimp And Fish Foundation (BSFF) is a Non-Profit Private Organization Focused on Research, Advocacy and Targeted Actions at all level of value chain in the fisheries sector, aquaculture and shrimp industry. Created to help growth and development in the fisheries sector, the organization was registered in 2003 under Trust Act 1882. It was also registered with Social Welfare Directorate in 2008. The organization started functioning from June 2003. For more than a decade BSFF has been consistently working to generate much needed dynamism to the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Bangladesh with a view to realizing its rich potential.

Ours is an organization committed to extend a wide range of services to the country’s fisheries and aquaculture sector promoting pro-growth initiatives, building up capacities, introducing new technologies and production processes, facilitating trade and ensuring social inclusion in the sector, compliance with relevant sector specific norms and standards and environmental sustainability imperatives. We work as an interface among public and private sectors, academic institutions and development partners. Over the years, our work has been planned broadly to promote development of the fisheries sector in Bangladesh within the broad framework of Bangladesh’s development priorities for the fisheries sector. Our organization has facilitated research, dialogue, policy advocacy, organized training, field level intervention and implement concrete projects to enhance production, trade promotion initiatives and other initiatives to overcome challenges faced by the sector. BSFF activities so far has resulted in tangible impacts in many ways and its on-going and projected works are expected to be equally useful.

BSFF has also a rich experience of working together with the government of Bangladesh, its concerned ministries, academia and international development partners which it has concluded MoU of cooperation to carryout work on shared objectives.