October 01, 2018

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation



Release Date: Monday, October 1, 2018

Last date of Submission: Thursday, October 18, 2018

Prepared by: BSFF

  • Background of BSFF

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF) is a Non-Profit Private Organization Focused on Research, Advocacy and Targeted Actions at all level of value chain in the fisheries sector, aquaculture and shrimp industry. Created to help growth and development in the fisheries sector, the organization was registered in 2003 under Trust Act 1882. It was also registered with Social Welfare Directorate in 2008. The organization started functioning from June 2003. For more than a decade BSFF has been consistently working to generate much needed dynamism to the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Bangladesh with a view to realizing its rich potential.

  • Statement of Purpose

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation seeks to hire a qualified company or individual(s) to provide specifications or quotation of DSLR camera for various program within BSFF-SAFETI component. The company or individual(s) shall be responsible of product quotation and technical specifications. In addition, the product specification of company or individual(s) shall provide to BSFF in evaluating the bids.

  • Background Information

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation currently work with SAFETI-WINROCK International project entitle “Safe Aqua Farming for Economic and Trade Improvement” (SAFETI). This is a project supported by USDA, Winrock International.

Currently BSFF need a camera for various program held under this project for better image documentation and report preparation. Since SAFETI-BSFF has provision of camera, BSFF want to purchase it from the above budget.

  • Proposal Requirements

A detail Product specification including Made of Origin, Product Name, Product Serial No, Product warranty/guaranty, product refund procedure (if any). Beside this product may be DSLR camera (Sony / Nikon/ Canon), WiFi compatible, Windows, Mac compatible, HDMI provision, with SD card capable, Made in: Thailand, Koria, Japan, Rechargeable battery, Best lance view with VR Compatible.

  • Proposal Schedule

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF) schedule for the selection process is as follows:

Requisition date September- 26, 2018

Market Survey Report- 29.09.2018

RFP release by BSFF Monday, October 1, 2018

Proposals end date Thursday, October 18, 2018

Report of Purchase-Committee of BSFF Saturday, October 20, 2018

Work order of DSLR camera Sunday, October 21, 2018

  • Selection Criteria

BSFF’s vendor evaluation and selection process is based on qualifications based selection (QBS) for professional services. An evaluation committee will review the proposals. The criteria and weight for evaluating the proposals submitted will be as follows:

  1. Relevant experience and reputation of the vendor
  2. Understanding of purchase objectives and proposal requirements in the proposal.
  3. Submit within the proposal end date
  4. Overall cost effectiveness of the proposal.
  • Delivery

A hard copy of product specification or electronic PDF copy must be submitted, with all copies having been signed by an official with the power to bind the company in its proposal and must acknowledge the RFP has been read and understood. All hard copies along with any electronic copies may be mailed or dropped off at info@shrimpfoundation.org

  • Right to Reject Proposals

BSFF reserves the right to delay the purchase or reject any or all proposals submitted and no representation is made hereby that any contract will be awarded pursuant to this RFP or otherwise.