As diseases act as a main impediment in the way of the investment and growth in the shrimp, Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation and SOLIDARIDAD Network organized a Consultation Workshop on Knowledge building, Capacity development for different stakeholders to minimize Disease Risk in Shrimp Culture in Cox’s Bazar on 09.11.2019 at Hotel Sea Palace  bringing together senior Government officials from the Department of Fisheries, representative of the hatcheries, other input suppliers, academics , farmers and entities involved in actual production of shrimp.

The main purpose of the Cox’s Bazar workshop was to take stock of the disease outbreak reality in the shrimp sector of Bangladesh, the likely causes of diseases affecting the sector and the collaborative steps that the Government, private sector stakeholders need to undertake together with the development partners to minimize the risk of diseases now impeding investment and progress in the sector.

The workshop was very well attended with Director General Fisheries Mrs Quzi Shams Afroz present on the occasion and her being personally present in the event added special significance to the consultations during the workshop. Representatives from both the Government and the private sector participated in the workshop.