B2B Business Matching Meeting


Venue: Hotel Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka


The Dhaka event organized to explore business opportunities for Taiwanese business concerns looking for trade openings in Bangladesh was productive in a number of ways. The various presentations made on the first day of programs apprised the Taiwanese entrepreneurs about the growth reality and expected growth potential of very dynamic aquaculture sector in Bangladesh. The sector is still characterized by traditional production practices. However, well planned enhanced intensification and modernization of production processes, there will be scope for firms producing and exporting aquaculture inputs and modern equipment and tools. The first day’s programs provide an opportunity to the participating Taiwanese firms to present their profiles and products in a general way. During the second day’s B2B business matching meeting, the response from potential Bangladeshi importers were encouraging. The meetings provided the first time opportunities to Bangladesh business enterprises to indicate their areas of interest in so far as sourcing their requirements from Taiwan. The participating Taiwanese enterprises were able to share details on their products which may be of interest to Bangladeshi business concerns. Altogether, 115 Bangladeshi business concerns, organizations and delegates participated in the B2B business matching meetings which for the beginning was not insignificant.

On the whole, this was a useful exercise and future follow-up actions both in Bangladesh and Taiwan and information sharing and building up confidence in the prospect of win-win business deal between Bangladeshi and Taiwanese business entities will hopefully help both the countries.